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    If somebody outside the European Union wants to work in Hungary, he aways needs a work permit. 

   2014. from January 1, in the case of third country nationals who are employed, the work permit and residence permit are administered in a so-called combined application procedure. The official name of the new permit that replaces the work permit is: "Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employement".


  The basic condition   for issuing a residence permit for the purpose of employment is that the applicant proves the purpose of the stay. No one can obtain a work permit without a "Preliminary agreement to establish an employment relationship"  (commonly known as: "job offer")! Only students who graduated in Hungary could apply for Job Seeking Visa! 

The employer always has to register a job demand at the Labor Office before its employee submit the work permit application. 

    As a general rule, the application for a work permit must be submitted at the foreign mission in the applicant's place of residence.


The applicant must prove that


  • They will have accommodation in Hungary

  • After the permit expires, they can leave the country on their on expenses. 

    Our office undertakes to prepare the applications and its mandatory attachments. We make an appointment for the applicant at the Consulate to submit the application. But the applications have to be submitted by the applicants themselfs because an biometrical identification will be made during the application process.


 You can download the accepted forms from the following links:

The Application form for the Work permit in Hungarian can be dowloaded here 


The Application form for the Work Permit in English can be dowloaded here

The form used to apply for a "Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment" is changed from time to time, so it is advisable to check on the website of the Directorate - General for Aliens Policing before submitting whether the currently valid form is being used. The Immigration Office "Residence permit for the purpose of employment" page can be accessed here.

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Work Permit

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