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Hungary welcomes the "Digital Nomads"

Residence Permit in Hungary under the Preferential Procedure

Residence Permit in Hungary under the Preferential Procedure
Preferential Residence Permit for "Digital Nomads" in Hungary

The trend to work from anywhere is spreading around the world. There's no need to be hunched over in the office all day. Many jobs can be done with just a laptop and an internet connection - you can be a "digital nomad" and work from anywhere. More and more people are choosing the lifestyle of travelling the world and working online for a client on the other side of the world. Hungary is responding to this trend and from 1 January 2022, a new law will allow digital nomads to obtain a residence permit in Hungary under a preferential procedure and apply for a so-called "White Card". Below is a summary of the most important information about the "White Card" for "digital nomads"

What is a "White Card"?

It is a special residence permit designed specifically to meet the needs of people living a "digital nomad" lifestyle. The holder of a "White Card" can obtain a 1-year residence permit in Hungary. (The permit can be extended for another 1 year upon request). The White Card holder may work from Hungary but may not work for a Hungarian employer.

Who could get a "White Card"?

Anyone who is employed in outside Hungary and performs his/her work using advanced digital technology or owns a share in a company with a proven profit outside of Hungary and performs his/her work or manages his/her company from Hungary using advanced digital technology.

What is the "White Card" holder entitled to in Hungary?

  • Reside in Hungary for 1 year (residence could be extended upon request). During this stay he could leave Hungary any number of times and re-enter the country without further permission.

  • He could work for a foreign employer from Hungary.

  • He could run a foreign company from Hungary

What a "White Card" holder prohibited to do in Hungary:

  • He/she could not been employed by an employer from Hungary

  • He/she cannot work in a Hungarian company

  • He/she cannot be a sole proprietor

Where to apply?

Nationals of countries who can enter Hungary without a visa for 90 days can apply for the "White Card" at the Hungarian diplomatic mission or, if they are travelling to Hungary, at the local branch of the National Directorate General of Aliens.

Citizens of countries subject to visa requirements may apply for the "White Card" only at Hungarian diplomatic missions and consular posts.

What do you have to prove in my application for a "White Card"?

Proof of the purpose of stay in Hungary.

You must prove either employment with a foreign employer or membership or ownership of a foreign for-profit company. A certified Hungarian translation of the foreign language documents proving the purpose of the stay in Hungary must be attached to the application.

Proof of livelihood in Hungary:

ivelihood in Hungary considered to be proven if the applicant's income for the 6 months prior to entry is equal to or exceeds €2,000 per month. This can be proved, for example, by means of an income certificate, a certificate from the tax authorities or a bank statement.

Proof of the applicant's accommodation in Hungary

For example: a rental contract, a letter of admission, a letter of invitation with a revised invitation or a paid accommodation reservation

The applicant must be insured for medical care in Hungary.

The applicant must have a passport valid for the whole duration of his/her stay in Hungary + 90 days.

The applicant must have a valid ticket or sufficient money to buy a ticket for the journey home.


The "White Card" will be revoked if the applicant leaves Hungary for a period longer than 90 days, or if he/she takes up employment with a Hungarian employer or acquires shares in a Hungarian company.

If you interested to apply for residence permit in Hungary as "Digital Nomad" contact us!


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