The official fees are raising

3. Jan. 2022.

the official fees of the immigration applications
Fees of the Immigration Application

The governmental fees are rising

The governmental fees in the visa and residence application have not changed since 2006, but from 2022. January 31. the fees will significantly raise. The new fee structure was declared in the 237th issue of the Official Journal (Magyar Közlöny). The visa and residence permit application fees will be raised significantly. There will be different fees for the application if they will be submitted personally or if they will be submitted by ENTERHUNGARY. Until the new fees will be uploaded to the Immigration Authority webpage, please check the new fees for the most common application from 31. of January 2022:

The exact  governmental fees of the Immigration application from 2022
The fees of the Immigration Application from 2022

The detailed information in the 237 issue of the Official Journal and shortly on the official webpage of the Immigration Authority.

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