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What can you do If you do not have a "Job Offer"?

Work Permit, Residence Permit

If somebody applies for a residency permit in the EU, he/she has to justify the reason of the application. In the case of an application for "Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment" ( "Work Permit"), you have to prove to the Authorities that you would have a job in Hungary. Nobody could get a "Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment" ( "Work Permit") without a Hungarian "Job Offer" It is not possible to obtain a "Work Permit for seeking a job" in Hungary.

But currently, there is a huge demand for both skilled and unskilled workers in Hungary.

Several Hungarian companies are asked us whether we can recommend them, foreign employees. But we cannot take the responsibility for those people and companies whom we do not really know. To help the employers and the employees from 10th of January we opened special sections in our webpage. If you want to work in Hungary and you do not have job offer please upload into our forum ( in the “I want to work in Hungary section” ) your name, qualifications and what type of work you are willing to do and from when you are ready to work in Hungary. Plenty of empty is searching for employees on our webpage. If one of them is interested your credentials we will send your contact information to them.If you need more information please ask it on the forum on the question section and we will answer within 48 hours.

What can you do to find a job in Hungary:

1. Register in our forum in the “I want to work in Hungary section”. Upload your qualifications, the descriptions of the job which you are looking for. Plenty of Hungarian employer is searching for new employees on our page.

2. Send your register to the Hungary Recruitment agencies. You can find a detailed list on the Hungarian Recruitment Agencies in our free guide.


Contact to the commpanies directly.

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