Natsumi Sasa
Sep 7

I want some informations of visa

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I am thinking of marrying my Hungarian partner. Is it easy or hard to apply a marriage visa in Hungary?

Assistance Astoria
Sep 7

Dear Sasa,


Congratulation for the marriage!


For every Hungarian residence permit you have to verify the same things:

1. The reason of the residence

2. Your accommodation

3. Your financial means

4. Your healt insurance

5. The conditions of exit

If you will marry with a Hungarian citizen you could apply for a marriage visa -- the official name is "Residence Permit for the Purpose of Family Reunification". In this case your marriage certificate will verify the reason of your residence, but you still have to verify the other four points!

To tell the truth the majority of the residence permit application are application for family reunification. The main reason is that according to the Authority the income or the saving of the couples are not enough for financetheir life in Hungary. The main problem is that the Authority can calculate only with the current savings and the salary of the Hungarian spouse because the foreign spouse has not got a job in Hungary yet. Most of the cases it is a better solution to submit an applicaiton for "Residence Permit for the Purpose of Family Reunification" and a "Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment" ( a work permit) on the same time.

However for a work permit you need to have a written job offer from a Hungarian employer.

The citizens from a visa free country could submit the residence permit application from Hungary. All the other applicant has to submit the application in the Hungarian Embassy in their home country. The Japanese citizens can submit their application from Hungary. The Authorities rule on the application for family reunification within 21 days and within 70 days on work permit.


Best Regards



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Please check our page on Work Permit!


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