Mony Valle
Feb 12, 2018



I have a residence permit for ”other purposes”, because I don’t have a job yet, to ask for a work permit. On the immigration office, they told me once I have a job offer, I should present my contract in order to get a work pemit. I would like to know if I have to wait again between 70-90 days to get my work permit when I find a job, even if I already have a residence permit and my address card? I mean, is like restart the proccess agian from scratch?

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  • Natsumi Sasa
    Sep 7

    I am thinking of marrying my Hungarian partner. Is it easy or hard to apply a marriage visa in Hungary?
  • Arthur Petrola
    Aug 19

    Hi, I'm an italian guy married to a Brazilian woman. Recently, I've received a job offer at Budapest. I recently was informed about Act II 2007 that allows Residence at Hungary by reunification, but without work permit. Is this correct? The residence permit of a European family member is not linked to a work permit? Thanks
  • Anurag Agarwal
    Aug 19

    If a non EU student is studying in hungary on a student residence permit and he lands up with a job, can he also get work permit.If yes, how

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